Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Skull Cap!

This is my first crochet in 15 years! I love it! Its made from denim eco-cotton from Red Heart. Pics were taken in mirror of myself, please ignore the model :) I do love this cotton thread, it just feels great.

Please excuse the blurry photo. Hope to have better pictures in the future.

I used a size I lighted hook. Love the lighted hooks. I now have 3 sizes, and plan to get all of them. Hat fits me ok, but was intended for husband. But, he has such a large head I don't know if it will fit (will find out tonight). Also it needs a tighter weave for him since he had skin cancer on top of his head and he needs to shield the top from sun. I plan to modify this hat and make him another.

I feel great finishing my first project after so many years away from crocheting. I just love crochet!

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